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9 Notable WordPress Web Development Trends for 2019

There are billions of websites and online stores on the internet, and WordPress powers most of them. Whoever thinks of business sites, the first word to strike in one’s mind is WordPress. In this competitive world, it became a necessity for businesses of all niches to establish a strong online presence to boost sales and revenue. At this point, WordPress is gaining more popularity across the globe as it powers 33% of the entire internet.

List of Current WordPress Development Trends

In this article, we have come forward with the latest trends that WordPress would bring in the year 2019.

1. Video Headers

For any website, videos represent the most influential content that can be posted. This is the main reason for WordPress to develop the video headers as the primary design trend for the 2019 year. Since WordPress has received many accolades for the capability to loop more videos for a site, many creative and decorative options have been created by the designers. Most of the social media sites are also investing in video content, so we have the chance to see most of WordPress integrations.

2. WordPress 5.0

Every time WordPress gives the signal of releasing new versions, the users get excited and also expect something new in the version. According to WordPress, below are some notable changes that you can see in version 5.0.

  • More Intuitive Website Building Experience: WordPress is well known for the easy installation and usage, the latest release will make it even simpler for the users.
  • Easy to Build Custom Themes: Custom website development got made easy with the introduction of blocks in Gutenberg editor. Whereas, the previous WordPress versions required some web development stuff to customize a theme.
  • Less Relevant Plugins: We all know, plugins are the backbone of WordPress; they interact with the editor by including a feature or a shortcode. But in the new version, all the plugins have to become Gutenberg compatible to avoid the loss of their relevance.

3. Personalization With Chatbots

The Chatbots can be integrated with CRM to provide a better customer or user support. These personalized chatbots enable businesses to distinguish between users and random visitors with the information they grant. In the new version, you also have the option of capturing information regarding how the user clicked on various promotions, interact with your social pages and the lead capture forms filled by the user.

4. Push Notifications

Push notifications on websites work similar to email and SMS platforms. The messages are delivered to the desktop of the users when they opt into your site. You can use this convenient tool to reach your customers in real time and no doubt this trend grows in 2019.

5. Sticky Elements

These days, most of the users ignore pop-ups that come across the websites. Designers are also doing away with the most obtrusive pop-ups. So it is not a smart choice to use the regular pop-ups in the web designs. To overcome this problem, WordPress introduces sticky elements or bars at the top or bottom of a website to make promotions easy.

6. Hosting More eCommerce Services

WordPress is now the driving force behind the growth of many eCommerce businesses. There are many sophisticated plugins developed by WordPress for specific industries. Enhanced plugins are something big that online stores can expect from WordPress in 2019.

7. Animated Features

Animated features can have a significant impact on user interaction to a website. The animations also bring enhanced viewing experience for the users. In 2019, WordPress is moving to a whole new level of introducing animation features using subtle elements via plugins.

8. Mobile Friendly Themes

Data, Analytics, Surveys, Researches, and the latest statistics found that mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic. So, it is no wonder that mobile friendly themes are the top WordPress trend’s in 2019. With the introduction of these new smartphone themes by WordPress, it is clear that mobile viewing experience will be better than now. This helps to do more business on your mobile-friendly website.

9. The Rest API

WordPress will be introducing Admin panel on Rest API allows you to use WordPress as a framework to manage the content of any web application remotely. By the introduction of Rest API, you will be able to create mobile apps for your websites on WordPress itself.


Above all are the notable WordPress trends for 2019. Some of the features are out, and few of them are coming soon. The new version of WordPress 5.0 will help developers to create a user-friendly WordPress website enriched with more advanced features and functionalities.

If you are looking to integrate the latest features into your current WordPress website or want to migrate your traditional HTML website to WordPress or else if you want a brand new site built on the current WordPress version customized to your business requirements? We can help!

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