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Advantages of LearnDash Over other Plugins for eLearning Website Development

LearnDash is one of the best LMS plugins available for websites offering online courses. The features of this plugin are suitable for a wide variety of eLearning needs. To display the content, the plugin uses Custom Post types and also integrates with a wide range of themes available. All the integrations offered by the plugin are mostly free. Even though launched after the plugins like WP Courseware and Sensei, the advanced list of features and functionalities made LearnDash the most popular plugins for eLearning. In this article, we elaborated the advantages of Learndash over other plugins for building eLearning courses.

Some of the Key Features of LearnDash are:

  • Dynamic Courses
  • Easy Monetization
  • Prompt Administration & Management
  • Supports Latest Technologies

The Main Advantages of LearnDash over Other LMS Plugins:

Dynamic Courses :

LearnDash courses are dynamic, engaging and also offer the best and latest e-learning techniques.

Intelligent Course Builder: The simple drag and drop option in the course builder allows you to build multi-faceted course contents. You can break courses into lessons, categories, topics, quizzes and rename them easily.

Advance Quizzing: There are mainly two types of quizzes available with Learndash that can be designed, the simple and the advanced quiz. The advanced quiz has more functionalities and is very complex. There are 8 types of questions as a single option, multiple options, matching, fill in the blanks, and others. You can also set the timer for the quiz and send personalized messages to the performers

Scheduling the Course Content: Using LearnDash’s multiple scheduling options, you can display all the course content at a time, or the content can be scheduled at a particular day or after some days.

Time Schedule for Lessons: If you think that a user might take a long time or skip the content of the course, then you can set time for each lesson to prevent learners from jumping.

Setting the Prerequisites for a Course: Using the learn guide process in LearnDash, you can determine the flow order of the courses that have to be followed by the learner.

Use of Dynamic Forums: A course can have a dynamic forum created, and the users registered for that particular course can participate and talk with the other users of the same course. You can limit a participant only to the course he is learning.

Grading System: LearnDash is packed with Gradebook feature, that allows you to sync the quiz data and assignment data. The grades are awarded according to the performance of the learners.

Official Certificates and Badges: After the course completion, or quiz performance or both, the official certificates can be awarded to the overall performers. Data like first and last name, Name of quiz or course, overall score, and many more details can be included on the certificates.

Gamification: As the course is being completed, the users get points based on the performance, and other courses can be unlocked using the points earned.

Monetize :

You can set a price for the course designed and choose the payment schedule. The simple process allows you to create the courses easily and make orders.

One Time Purchase of the Course: Most of the users see that if a one-time payment option is available for the course. You can integrate with the best service providers like  Paypal, Stripe, and other payment options.

Subscription Options: The users can opt for the subscription to get the latest details and by you can also maximize revenue.

Shopping Cart for the Buyers: Learndash allows you to create a shopping cart experience for selling your courses using the major WordPress eCommerce plugins like Woocommerce that got added with features like affiliates, payment gateways, and analytics.

Membership Management: This feature of LearnDash, allows users to view only the content that they have enrolled. When a person takes membership, then he is automatically registered in the course available at that level.

Licenses for the Dynamic Courses: LearnDash permits you to sell bulk licenses to corporates for training their teams and track team members progress and performance.

Creating Bundles for the Courses: The course bundle option allows you to create and sell courses at a time. You can also offer discounts on bulk purchases.

Administration of the Courses and Users:

In LearnDash you have more control over the courses and learners. Grouping of the users, clearing the data and revoking the access to the users.

User Profiles: The users have the facility to look upon the courses that they are learning, get a clear idea about the progress and also print the earned certificates.

Email Notifications: With Learndash you can connect and configure major email platforms to set up custom email notifications for course status and reminders that allows you to communicate with your course learners seamlessly.

Group Management: All the learners taking up a common course can be organized in a group created by the LearnDash application. You can appoint a leader to manage all the progress and performance of the members.

Detailed Reporting: You can create detailed reports by user enrollment, progress, and performances.

Managing the Assignments: Take assignments on a lesson or topic level, have them approved automatically or manually and award points based on the performance with Learndash’s inbuilt assignment management option.

Expiration of the Access: Customize course access which enables you to set expiration dates and times for each course.

Supports Latest Technologies:

LearnDash can support all the latest technologies for both the WordPress and e-Learning industries.

Enabled on Multi-sites: Just by clicking on the Activate button you can use LearnDash across all the networks.

Works On Any Theme: LearnDash is enabled to work on any modern theme of WordPress and also on all the new plugins available today.

Freedom to Use any Media: You can create course contents with the help of any rich media like images, videos, audio, and HTML files.

Works Perfectly on Mobile: LearnDash courses are compatible over multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Expert Support: The LearnDash development team has in-depth knowledge of the e-learning industry and always there to help you in answering your technical queries.


When compared to the other eLearning LMS plugins, LearnDash has its benefits and stands as the best in the industry to create online courses on WordPress. If you are looking for customized eLearning website development services using LearnDash or your preferred LMS,  Contact Ayatas Technologies, a Professional Website Design, and development company today or Call us at +1(916)836-8099 to schedule a free demo or a free quote.

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