The 7 Major Factors that Influence User Experience

The 7 Major Factors that Influence User Experience

User Experience often referring to as UX is crucial to the success or failure of a Project. Very often UX is confused with usability, but UX is has grown to that extent that it is essential to pay attention to all the requirements of the user and to deliver the exact product or result to the user.

Let’s discuss these user experience factors one by one, and you can also know the importance of each element.

1. Useful

A product is introduced in the market with the thought that it is usable by the customers. No one will not launch a product that is not usable. Today’s generation is fast-paced, and they don’t like to waste their time with brands and digital assets that don’t help them quickly achieve their goals. The customers will soon forget companies that produce useless products. So companies must always be alert to provide products or services that are useful for the clients or customers.

2. Usable

A product or service should be readily usable by the users. It should help them to effectively and efficiently achieve their goals. Poor usability can be easily seen in the first generation of a product or service. Companies find out the difficulties in using them and launch a new facility. The second generation has more usability than the first generation and so on. For each product, there is an advanced version, which has more features and is more easily usable.

3. Findable

We must strive to design navigable websites and locatable objects, so users can find what they need. In a newspaper all the articles are not scattered, they are arranged systematically according to the related topic. So if a reader needs sports news, he can directly find the sports paper in it. So finding should be easy. In our web site design also content needs to be navigable and locatable onsite and offsite.

4. Credible

Credibility refers to the trust that the customer has on your product or service. Customer invests his time and money in our service, so he should be given the right information. Never provide wrong news, as it will damage your credibility. Without trust, consumers will not buy any products or services from you and trust once lost cannot be gained. To gain credibility, include customer testimonials on your website to give your product or service. Create videos of your past customers using your product or service and also tell why they chose your product. Credibility has an important effect on user experience of our service.

5. Desirable

Desirability refers to how much your product or service opts. The more desirable product is, the more likely it is that the user who has it will brag about it and create a desire in other users.The passion for a service or product can be around design, emotional design, branding, image, company, and lifestyle. Branding your website is always useful and it helps in developing company easily.

6. Accessible

The product or service should be accessible to all kinds of customers. People with disabilities of hearing, vision should also be able to access the services or products. Accessibility is about providing an experience to the people with disabilities too. Design for accessibility is often seen by companies as a waste of money because the impression is that people with disabilities make up a small segment of the population, but for a service or a product to be successful accessibility should also be taken into consideration.

7. Valuable

Finally, the product must deliver value. It must provide value to the business which creates it and to the user who buys or uses it. Without benefit, it is likely that there is no initial success of a product. Our sites must deliver value to our customers/users. Enhance user experience to your website by

  • Listening to the feedback
  • Try to understand the customer needs and design according to their need
  • Increase your Brand value by writing blogs on the knowledge you have, and it establishes a brand value in the user’s mind

So Websites which are Usable, Useful, Find-able, Credible, Desirable, Accessible and Valuable are much more likely to succeed in the marketplace.

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