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Full Website Development Questionnaire

These series of questions help guide us to your ideal web solution. Please answer all questions.

    Organization Information

    1. Was your organization previously involved in website planning?

    2. Who will issue final approval on design and functionality?

    3. Who will actively manage this project?

    4. Describe your organization.

    5. Are there any issues you want us to know about?

    6. Provide the web addresses of direct competitors in your industry or market.

    Goals & Objectives

    7. What primary goals should the website achieve?

    Existing URL (s):

    9. Is the future website a solution to an existing or future problem?

    10. Are there other projects or strategies in place that tie in with this website?

    11. What measures determine the website's success?

    12. Other comments about website goals.

    Target Audience / Industry / Demographic

    13. What geographical areas are you targeting?

    • 14. Languages:

    • 15. Age Group:

    • 16. Gender:

    • 17. Education Level


    18. Do you require a custom design or can we choose from a large existing pool of designs?

    19. Do you require a mobile device optimised website design?

    20.What personality or look do you want your website to have?

    21. List websites that have similar properties to those you want in your website.

    Content Development

    22. Will you provide all content?

    23. If no, would you prefer we reuse content from other sources, or create new content?

    24. How often will the website need updating?

    25. What existing images / photographs / artworks are available?

    26. What content do you want your website to include?

    27. Do you want your website to reiterate your existing website/materials?

    28. Do you need copy-writing services?

    29. Do you need downloadable or other print materials created?

    30. How often will the website need updating?

    31. Will you need additional graphic design (banners, brochures, letter heads, business cards, etc)?

    Functionality & Technology

    32. Do you need the website to run on any specific server software?

    33. Do you want to update certain or all pages of your website yourself?

    34. Do you ever intend to sell products through the website?

    35. What type of Search Engine Optimization integration would you like integrated into your website?

    Marketing & Branding

    36. Do you have a brand already established?

    37. Do you have a color scheme?

    38. Do you have any printed marketing or promotional materials?

    39. Do you have a slogan?


    40. Do you require website hosting?

    41. Do you require domain name registration?

    42. Do you require a .bb domain name?

    43. What domain name do you want to register? [Start with the highest priority because it might not be available]

    Maintenance & Management

    44. Do you require any additional services?


    45. Is there a project deadline?

    46. Have you established a budget for the website?


    47. If we missed anything about your website, please describe it.

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