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Helping Our Employees & Clients to Manage the Impact of Corona Crisis

The world has witnessed tremendous transformations due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic affected millions of people around the world. COVID-19 has disrupted many businesses worldwide and turned into an international health crisis. To support and comply with the government's decisions and advice, Ayatas technologies is taking every step to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. As a company, we are always committed to the health and safety of our team and ensure that the business continues during COVID-19.

Ayatas is open, and our team is working from home, to ensure that they are safe, We are now adapting the reality of remote working successfully, and we continue to provide quality services to our clients.

At the present situation of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are always thinking about the affected people, medical staff, essential service people, security, and other professionals working 24/7 in helping to control the virus. At Ayatas Technologies, the safety of our employees (working from home) is the top priority, and we are striving hard to protect the health and well-being of all the communities

Business Continuity Plan

Identification of Essential Services:

Identifying all the critical operations, systems, and determining how to protect and recover data.

Identifying and Prioritize Critical Functions:

To ensure the continuity of business, all the critical functions are systemized and prioritized.

Identifying and Prioritizing Critical Resources:

Identifying all the critical resources to make remote working easy

Baseline Service Continuity Plan:

Adjusting the team, resources, and tools for remote working and also ensure that the business process is protected

Training Material Preparation:

Working on new materials that help the team in adapting the new way of working.

Training on service continuity:

Training of the remote team through a document and video sharing.

Schedule Preparation:

Department wise schedule for delivery of critical services on time to the clients

Collection of Results:

Gathering all the data from all the departments from time to time.

Data Analysis:

Monitoring the data to ensure scalability and meet new demands due to remote working.

Improving Service Continuity Plan:

Improving continually and changing the plans based on scenarios and advice of the government.

Need support for your business to overcome the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

At present, we are experiencing a disruptive event. However, technology has always been innovative and directly benefiting its users. With all the stores are closed, online activities have become more, and many consumers are looking for answers and solutions online. In these uncertain times, we are always there to help small businesses. Ayatas Technologies is offering various business actionable plans in the situation of this Corona Virus outbreak and quick fixes for existing sites.

The outbreak of the Corona Virus has brought a significant change in the behavior of consumer purchasing. With millions of people in isolation or quarantine situation, in-store purchasing is replaced by eCommerce stores. There is a massive impact of the Corona Virus on the economy, and our team is always striving hard to provide constant support and service to our clients.

At Ayatas Technologies, we are making every effort to serve you in the rapidly changing situation. Our thoughts are always there with everyone affected by the Corona Virus and wish you and your family be safe and precautious during this situation.

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