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Why Do You Need An LMS?

Whether you’re an educational institute or a fast-growing company that needs employee training and development as a part of your business strategy, you can benefit from a Learning Management System.

A Learning Management System streamlines the process for your trainers to develop courses, establish milestones, conduct classes, distribute course materials, and evaluate learners – all within a single platform. Additionally, your learners gain the flexibility to access their training programs from anywhere and at any time, eliminating the challenges associated with traditional classroom sessions. The integration of interactive media and gamification makes the learning experience more enjoyable and impactful.

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Features that we implement in an LMS solution

What We Specialize In?

At Ayatas, we love working with LearnDash. It’s a sophisticated Learning Management System plugin packed with easy-to-use features. LearnDash development solutions are highly scalable, so the LMS can adapt and meet your goals and needs, no matter the size and type of your organization.

We Love Learndash

At Ayatas, we have a strong affinity for collaborating with LearnDash. This sophisticated Learning Management System plugin is enriched with user-friendly features. The LearnDash development solutions we offer are remarkably scalable, ensuring adaptability to meet the goals and requirements of organizations of varying sizes and types. LearnDash’s high compatibility with numerous plugins facilitates the seamless extension of your LMS functionality. Moreover, LearnDash is priced reasonably, providing an affordable solution for many clients.

Our LMS Development Services

We are committed to enhancing the value of your training and development programs, e-classrooms, and remote learning initiatives.

Custom LMS from Scratch

As a leading LMS development company, we specialize in crafting a distinctive and innovative custom LMS solution tailored specifically for your organization. This solution aligns seamlessly with your requirements and integrates all the necessary features based on your corporate or academic learning objectives.

E-Learning courses

As experienced LMS developers, we design e-learning course websites, apps, and portals tailored for students or corporate employees seeking skill updates. Our e-learning solutions boast a clean presentation and optimal formats for delivering information.

Open-source LMS

Our developers build open-source LMS solutions to ensure scalability and adaptability to evolving market and business requirements. The customization allows multiple developers to address errors and implement updates.

Customize User Interface

Being the chosen LMS development company, we tailor the design of your LMS website or app to uphold its appeal to academic, corporate learners, and end-users. Our goal is to make the solution intuitive and user-friendly.

Responsive LMS

In today's landscape, it is crucial for LMS solutions, including online employee training management systems, to be responsive. This is essential as most trainees or students access the LMS on mobile devices. We specialize in crafting LMS solutions that are 100% responsive and high-performing, adhering to the best industry practices.

Custom LMS integrations

As a comprehensive LMS website development company, we are the ideal partner for smooth and tailored LMS integrations. Automation and expanding your features ensure the ongoing relevance of the LMS solution for end-users. We seamlessly integrate the LMS with APIs from various apps or services, tracking solutions, CRM, social apps, and more.

Live Chat Option LMS

We incorporate live chat features into LMS solutions as per client specifications. Real-time text chatting with the trainer enhances the learning experience for trainees or students.

LMS Development Solution

We develop high-quality custom LMS apps, websites, and portals tailored to our clients' specifications. Our deliverables encompass web and mobile-based solutions featuring documentation, reporting, tracking, and the delivery of e-learning courses or programs.

Why Choose Ayatas?

With nearly a decade of industry experience, we possess the expertise to manage software development projects of varying complexity levels. This positions Ayatas as the ideal choice for meeting your business needs.

What Did Our Clients Say?


A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that facilitates the administration, documentation, tracking, and delivery of educational content. It is commonly used in educational institutions and businesses to manage and streamline learning.

Custom LMS development allows you to tailor the system to meet your needs and requirements. It ensures that the LMS aligns perfectly with your organization’s unique workflows, branding, and learning objectives, providing a more personalized and efficient solution.

A custom LMS can be tailored to include features such as user management, course creation, content delivery, assessment tools, reporting and analytics, integration with other systems, and a user-friendly interface. The extent of customization depends on your organization’s specific needs.

The development timeline varies based on the complexity of your requirements. A basic LMS may take a few months, while a more feature-rich and complex system could take longer. Clear communication between your organization and the development team can help estimate and manage the timeline effectively.

Yes, one of the advantages of a custom LMS is its ability to integrate with other systems, such as HR software, CRM systems, or third-party e-learning content providers. This integration ensures a seamless flow of data and enhances the overall efficiency of your learning ecosystem.

Post-deployment, custom LMS development services typically include ongoing support and maintenance. This involves monitoring system performance, addressing any issues, implementing updates, and providing technical support to ensure the smooth functioning of the LMS.

Yes, a well-designed custom LMS can be scalable to accommodate the growth of your organization. The development team can build the system with scalability in mind, allowing it to handle increasing users, courses, and features as your organization expands.

Custom LMS development costs vary based on features, complexity, development time, and the development team’s rates. Discussing your specific requirements with the development team to get a tailored cost estimate for your project is important.

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