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Distant Learning is the Future of Education

With LearnDash you have complete control when selling your online courses. Choose the pricing model, up-sell offerings, reminder notifications, and watch your sales soar!

Create impressive online courses, without restrictions.

Engage your learners using the best of e-learning.

  • Automated Notifications

    Automatically trigger e-mails based on actions learners take (or don't take) in a course.

  • Badges & Certificates

    Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both!

  • Discussion Forums

    Encourage conversation among learners by adding a course specific discussion forums.

  • Course Points

    Award points to learners as they complete lessons and allow learners to unlock new content.

  • Leaderboards

    Award and display the learners who obtain the best scores on quizzes in your courses.

  • Assignments

    Require assignment submissions before learners can continue to the next lessons.

LMS Features for Your E-Learning Program

Collaboration Of Various Learning Tools

Mixed learning apparatuses enable you to oblige diverse adapting needs and inclinations. You can offer online students up close and personal guidance.

Course creation

It seems like this would be included in all LMS software out there, but the most basic definition of an LMS does not include a course creation module.

Skills/Certification tracking

Skills and certification tracking is one of the most important LMS features for nearly every kind of user.

Mobile learning

It's surprising to learn that some folks don't have a computer at home, but a helpful way around this pitfall is mobile-ready learning.

Asynchronous learning

One of the best features for improving engagement and knowledge retention is asynchronous learning-the ability for learners to complete course work at their own pace.

Strong Reporting With Customization

LMS reports give you a total picture of online student execution, commitment, and fulfillment evaluations.

Web-Based Business Support

One of the LMS highlights eLearning organizations should search for is eCommerce coordination, which enables you to market your eLearning courses.

Brand Integration

It's basic that your new LMS enables you to redo eLearning layouts and has different advantages to pass on your image informing.

Online Course Catalogs

Your LMS needs to help online course lists. Ideally, with an implicit shopping basket choice, so online students can rapidly buy the substance or select an eLearning course with the snap of a catch.

Responsive Design Features

Current students need access to eLearning courses anytime, anyplace. Subsequently, you need a Learning Management System that can convey portable inviting substance immediately.

Testing rules

Make quizzes more challenging by customizing testing rules, applying negative marking, and limiting time and number of attempts. You can also choose to set a general passing score or grant points for each question.

Quiz design

You can easily customize the design of your quiz by switching to the Slide View mode. Adjust fonts, layout, and color schemes for questions and add images, shapes, and text labels-just like in PowerPoint.

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