5 Tips to Leverage Online Reviews And Ratings

5 Tips to Leverage Online Reviews And Ratings

“I don’t recognize, Google it.”

For many folks, the web has become our lifeline. Not solely do we use the web to create and maintain connections, we tend to conjointly use it for advice and knowledge. When we ought to grasp a bit of information, or are faced with a difficult decision, we tend to automatically turn to Google. Results from four studies concluded that the web has truly become a sort of external memory for our brains. When we grasp we will have future access to a piece of data on the web, therefore we tend to actually have lower rates of recall inside our own memory. We’ve allowed the web to conjointly store data for us outside of ourselves.

Why Does This Matter?

Society has the majority folks staying connected perpetually – to family, friends, work, etc. We tend to ask for opinions and answers on everything from wherever we tend to eat, to what shoes we tend to buy, and what automobile we tend to drive. Whereas some of us do this as a groundwork starting point for creating larger getting decisions, others folks are merely probing for validation or trying to avoid ‘Buyers remorse.’ In fact, some reports 7 in 10 Americans will seek out the opinions of others before making a buying call.

To further break down these stats, of those 7 in 10 who look for advice:

  • 70% like better to consult review sites or freelance review sites
  • 57% can use social media networks
  • 81% of 18 to 34-year-olds, hunt down opinions from others before purchasing; those aged 35+ are additional likely to look at freelance review sites
  • 59% folks trust recommendations if there are an outsized range of reviews
  • 57% of review-seekers are suspicious of products with solely positive reviews
  • 72% of millennials say they take their “friends” opinions into account
  • 54% say they’ll still strive a product counseled by someone they grasp even if it has negative online reviews

Overall, the data suggests online reviews are essential in the shopping for decisions for the majority of USA citizens between the ages of 18 and 54.

So, how can we tend to Leverage Online Reviews and Ratings for Our Businesses?

Now that we’ve got established the important tips to leverage online reviews and ratings, let’s use these to our advantage as an Internet Marketing tactic. What’s surprising is that, despite these compelling statistics, most retailers don’t have a method for managing their reviews and ratings.

Here are our main 5 tips to leverage online reviews and ratings, testimonials too

1. Share

Share your positive reviews and ratings! This seems like logic, however, great testimonials often get ignored, or just fall to the margin. When somebody takes the time to write a review for your company or product, impart them by blasting it across all your advertising platforms! Post reviews and ratings on your website, then highlight them in your email campaigns and across social media.

For this reason, the bulk of companies are running email campaigns on the regular. Incorporate your positive reviews at intervals these emails, it will further encourage readers to create a procurement. A simple way to do that is by including one in your email signature, or incorporating one into your email promoting image.

Use your social media accounts to unfold the word as well. Not solely can you directly collect reviews from several social channels, however it is the proper platform for sharing. When posting a review or testimonial on social, be sure to create it fascinating. embrace a photo and direct quote from the client. Be sure to customize each post and impart the reviewer.

2. Make Them Visible

Don’t build potential customers ought to hunt for your product reviews and testimonials. Offer them a prominent spot on your website, or place them on multiple pages of your website. There are a few ways in which to confirm you exploit reviews and testimonials exploitation your website:

  • Be sure you have got one main page that is dedicated solely to reviews and testimonials. Also, you’ll need to link to any external sites you’ll collect reviews from (i.e. Yelp).
  • Use analytics to work out that are the foremost frequently visited pages of your website and add snippets of reviews to each of these pages.
  • Have ‘scrolling’ testimonials on your home page by creating a banner at the top or facet bar. this can be conspicuous for viewers and can keep it fresh.

3. Engage

Again, don’t ignore these gems. respond to each and every one, and do so promptly. Client retention is much higher when appreciation is felt. Why? as a result of when somebody feels genuinely appreciated, an emotional connection develops. emotion generates the sort of loyalty that’s deep and durable.

Not solely is it imperative that brands show appreciation for positive reviews by responding quickly, however the same goes for negative reviews. Negative reviews are somewhat inevitable, and ignoring them won’t create them depart. when somebody writes a negative review, its generally because their expertise wasn’t sensible, and they need it to be better. They took the prospect to undertake your product, don’t lose them as a client forever by irrespective their feedback. Do your best to rectify the situation in a very timely, sensitive and friendly manner. Others can see your response, therefore use it as an opportunity to indicate your sensible character.

4. Build A reputation

There’s no doubt regarding it – reviews develop credibility. Even in the 21st century, word of mouth is still king when it comes to building your brand reputation. Online reviews and ratings are the modern type of Branding. The bonus is, your audience is gigantic. This offers a fantastic opportunity for your business to grow most a lot of quickly. Don’t pass it up. how to share, engage, react to and show your client feedback won’t solely build your brand reputation, but conjointly display your integrity and develop trust. These are important reputation-building activities; having a reputable and marketable reputation could be a necessity for fulfillment in business, and in life.

5. Make It simple

As mentioned, sharing, engaging, and creating your reviews and ratings easy to envision are useful and vital ways in which to leverage client feedback so as to develop your brand reputation. You’ll additionally need to create positive that it’s easy for patrons to allow a review. You wish to assemble up a group of customer feedback reports. This can be valuable as a result of, as mentioned above, the more reviews you’ve got, the more credible and trustworthy your overall rating appears to potential customers.

We suggest to using Free Review Scan apps. This handy apps provides your customers the chance to simply unfold the good word regarding your business on trusty sites. These sites embrace Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp, BBB, and Amazon. Review Scan tactfully reminds customers for feedback and guides them through the process of exploit a review. Whats more, it conjointly offers you the prospect to achieve disgruntled customers before their review hits the world Wide web.

Further, if you wish to check how your business compares to the competition supported reviews, use the Free Review Scan. This distinctive tool generates a moment reputation report back to see how your business appears on local review sites.

These 5 tips to leverage online reviews and ratings will accelerate your business effectively.

Wrapping It Up

Simply telling people how excellent your business or product is will not cause it to blow up into a success story. If you need people to open up their pocketbooks, they’re going to want to hear a less biased opinion. So don’t pass up on the opportunity to build a strong brand recognition. Capitalize on customer reviews and ratings. Acquire and spread these messages in an intentional way, and watch your business grow.

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